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Motorola Products

Our Wide-ranging Product Portfolio Has the Tools You Need to Get the Job Done in Any Business. Browse below to find individual products, entire networks and systems or the right accessory or service to complete your experience.

Two-Way Radios

Stay connected when seconds count, using technologies designed to keep you in touch. Motorola's two-way radios and accessories reliably connect employees in the office or off-site. Explore the full suite of powerful digital radios, commercial analog radios and accessories.

Motorola Portable Radios

Efficiency, productivity and safety are vital to your business or organization. Increase the area in which your workers are able to talk by utilizing wide-area communication solutions. With an extensive selection of models and features, Motorola's two-way portable radios are an ideal solution for your communication needs.

Motorola Digital Portable Radios

Motorola CP200d
  • Motorola CP100d
  • Motorola DTR700
  • Motorola EVX-260 Series
  • Motorola EVX-S24
  • Motorola SL300
  • Motorola SL3500e
  • Motorola XPR 3000e Series

Motorola Digital Portable Radios

Motorola Analog Portable Radios

Motorola BPR40
  • Motorola CP185
  • Motorola VL50
  • Motorola VX-261

Motorola Analog Portable Radios

Motorola Mobile Radios

Mobile Two-Way Radios are vehicle-mounted wireless devices that are used to send voice or data messages one-to-one or one-to-many over radio frequencies within a local area, city, or state. They are often installed on the dash of a vehicle, and can run off its power source. They are used by someone who doesn't need to communicate away from their vehicle.

Motorola Digital Two-Way Mobile Radios

Motorola CM300d
  • Motorola CM200d & CM300d
  • Motorola XPR 2500 Series
  • Motorola XPR 5000e Series

Motorola Digital Mobile Radios


Connect Your Entire Operation Seamlessly, Safely And Efficiently

Whatever you do, wherever you work, be more efficient, productive and safe with the unparalleled performance of MOTOTRBO professional radios. They deliver advanced digital technology for real-time voice and data communications along with the industry’s largest portfolio of data applications. Now you can communicate instantly, coordinate seamlessly and work efficiently. From ultra-light portables to extra-tough mobiles, you’ll find the right device to get the job done right.

The Next-Generation MOTOTRBO Digital Two-Way Radio Overview


Motorola SLR8000

Maximize the functionality and scalability of your two-way radio communications with robust infrastructure products. Motorola’s diverse portfolio of infrastructure products offers complete solutions to maximize the performance of your two-way radio system, helping to ensure clarity, reliability and security.

  • SLR 1000 Series Repeater
  • SLR 5000 Series Repeater
  • SLR 8000 Series Repeater

Two-Way Radio Infrastructure

Consoles & System Management

With options designed for your business, this portfolio of dispatch consoles and system management applications has the features you need to make quick decisions, mobilize a fleet and keep teams informed.


Consoles & System Management

Industrial Internet of Things

Our Industrial Internet of Things (Industrial IoT) solutions give your organization the power it needs to be more productive and the insight to help reduce the risk of safety incidents.

Motorola Industrial Internet of Things


Our solutions help you reduce operational downtime, optimize infrastructure efficiency and keep personnel out of potentially dangerous situations - maximizing the productivity, safety and profitability of your business.



Increase the functionality and dependability of your two-way radios with Motorola Original™ accessories. When it comes to your two-way radios, why settle for less? Motorola provides a full range of accessories like batteries, chargers, headsets, speakers and more to help you communicate with the rest of your team.

Motorola Two-Way Radio Accessories

Broadband PTT Services

Push-to-talk between all of your devices and networks. WAVE™ connects your disparate networks such as radio, cellular, Wi-Fi, telephony and more so you can communicate between them. Whether on a smartphone, a radio, a computer or any other communications device, your personnel can connect instantly via PTT.

Broadband PTT Services

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