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Motorola Infastructure and Repeaters


Repeaters, controllers and gateways are the backbone of your MOTOTRBO two-way radio system. They ensure your radio network is available at all times and that communications are clear, reliable and secure across your enterprise.

SLR 1000 Series Repeater

Motorola SLR1000

Whether you want to eliminate dead zones or expand coverage to remote locations, count on the SLR 1000. Compact, easy to install, and designed to work indoors or out, it’s built to grow as your needs do.

Keeping your team connected requires uninterrupted radio coverage. Using the SLR 1000 repeater, you can easily extend the range of your network through dead zones and across remote locations, so everyone’s within reach. Deploy the SLR 1000 indoors or out—it’s IP65-rated for dust and water protection. The compact size gives you more installation options. And a low power, fanless design uses less space and energy.

SLR 1000 Repeater Specifications Sheet

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SLR 5000 Series Repeater

Motorola SLR5000

For your organization to be successful, you need dependable voice and data communications that reach every corner of your operations. The MOTOTRBO SLR 5000 Series repeater delivers high performance, high reliability two-way radio service with all the features you need to connect your workplace.

A next-generation DMR repeater, the SLR 5000 Series offers high performance, high efficiency and a design for the future. The product has a 50 W continuous-duty output and high sensitivity for optimum coverage, and high reliability and low power consumption for low cost of ownership. With a slim, modular design, the product is easy to install and service.

Systems Supported

Analog Conventional, Digital Conventional, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, and Connect Plus.

SLR 5000 Repeater Specifications Sheet

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SLR 8000 Series Repeater

Motorola SLR8000

Built on the slim next-generation repeater platform, this repeater supports up to 100 W continuous-duty operation, with high sensitivity for exceptional coverage. The modular design keeps reliability high while allowing for configurable options.

Systems Supported

Analog Conventional, Digital Conventional, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus and Connect Plus.

SLR 8000 Repeater Data Sheet

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XPR 8000 Series RepeaterS

Motorola XPR8000

Maximize the performance of your MOTOTRBO system with the 40 W XPR 8000 Series repeaters. They utilize Dynamic Mixed Mode capability to ease migration by automatically switching between analog and digital mode. The XPR 8000 Series supports two simultaneous voice or data paths in digital mode, doubling capacity without adding new frequencies.

Systems Supported

Analog Conventional, Digital Conventional, IP Site Connect, and Capacity Plus.

MOTOTRBO Repeater Specifications Sheet

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Consoles & System Management


Fully Integrated Solution For Commercial Environments

Scout is a true VoIP console system: all its components may be distributed over a LAN/WAN using standard Ethernet connections. The system uses a wireline interface to connect with MOTOTRBO systems, for increased functionality, call capacity and system reliability. Scout provides a dedicated media workstation. This allows customers to operate on standard hardware for reduced costs. Radio, Telephony, and I/O integration are supported.

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Enhanced Performance Management For MOTOTRBO Networks

GW3-TRBO® represents the ultimate in system management for MOTOTRBO. With GW3-TRBO, you have an easy way to generate detailed metrics of your MOTOTRBO system performance. GW3-TRBO connects directly to the MOTOTRBO system through a wireline interface. It captures usage information for every site, channel, slot, talkgroup and subscriber.

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